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Supernova change their name

After being ordered by a judge to change their name because it is already taken, Supernova has now changed its name to Rock Star: Supernova, which was the name of the reality TV show in which the rock supergroup chose their frontman Lukas Rossi. Here is an article about it: Yes, that is an awkward name for a band. I would have gotten rid of the colon, and maybe even the space between "Rock" and "Star". Oh, well. I hope they've cleared the name with CBS and with Mark Burnett, so they won't be forced to change it again. I would hate to be in charge of their marketing and graphic design, considering the copy changes that now must need to be made. What a mess!

Rock Star: Supernova - and the winner is...

...Lukas Rossi. Surprised? Me neither. Tommy Lee claims that the decision was made based on viewer voting. We know better. Tommy has been fawning over Lukas all summer long. Gilby Clarke has said he is “inspired” when he watches Lukas. Jason Newsted was initially critical of him, but hasn’t been lately. I think their minds were made up some time ago. Tommy’s was possibly made up from the beginning. During the broadcast of the finale, a commercial for the new season of Survivor aired. For no apparent reason, the commercial contained footage of Lukas singing "Headspin". It was obviously a not-so-subliminal message from Mark Burnett. It was kinda like watching the movie Easy Rider where you see the final shot before the movie is over. I do hope the guys from Supernova (or whatever they will be called) remain happy with their choice. Out of the final four -- heck, out of the final eight , Lukas was my least favorite. But, hey, it's not my band. The new band-formerly-known-a

Rock Star: Supernova - Week ten

Storm Large didn’t make it to the final round of Rock Star: Supernova . I figured there wouldn’t be more than one female left standing for the finale. I will miss Her Largeness, but – whatever. The show only has one week to go. I guess I’ll miss all of them after next Wednesday. Or almost all of them. Like the other four contestants, Storm sang a cover song plus an original song on Tuesday’s performance show. First, she did David Bowie’s “Suffragette City”. Her vocal could have been better, but she had attitude to spare, and that made it entertaining. Attitude was the key word for her original song “What the What is Ladylike”. (In case you didn’t know, the second “what” was substituted for the “f’ word). It was fun to watch and hear, but Dave Navarro (who performed the Bowie song with her, and interacted well with her) must have been high when he said it was the best original song in the show’s history. It was good to hear Storm scale it down for her Wednesday performance of Pink Floyd

1987 Syd Barrett tribute album

Rarebird's Spotlight Album Review #12 is completed. The subject is Beyond The Wildwood: A Tribute To Syd Barrett , which was released in 1987. It consisted of covers by various (and mostly unknown) artists of songs by Syd Barrett, the original Pink Floyd founder who passed away this past July.