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Slipknot "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." (1996)

Rarebird's Spotlight Album Review #20 is completed. The subject: Slipknot's 1996 independent CD titled Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. This CD is now officially considered to be the modern metal band's demo. Only 1,000 legitimate copies were reportedly pressed. It predates their self-titled 1999 debut album by three years, and features original lead singer Anders Colsefni. Here is the review:

Distractions "Black Velvet" EP (2010)

The Distractions were a band from Manchester, England who recorded only one full-length album called Nobody’s Perfect in 1980. In my view , that album is one of rock’s long-lost treasures. It was technically a “new wave” album which drew inspiration from three decades of music history before it, and had many moments of genuine emotional poignancy. For those of us who lament the fact that the Distractions had such a short and overlooked lifespan, it is exciting to learn that new and unearthed Distractions recordings are coming soon from the U.K. music label Occultation. Here is what the Occultation site says about it all: It is with enormous pleasure that Occultation Recordings would like to welcome Manchester's most unsung heroes, The Distractions. The band's first release for us will be the Black Velvet EP. This will be a digital download only but, as with other Occultation releases, we will be pressing a limited number of promo CDs and those of you who prefer to own a phys