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Mallard: Captain Beefheart's Magic Band without Beefheart

The mid-‘70’s band Mallard was formed by former members of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, after they had become fed up with working with the avant garde artist when he briefly went mainstream in 1974. Initially made up of guitarist Bill Harkleroad (aka Zoot Horn Rollo), bassist Mark Boston (aka Rockette Morton), percussionist Art Tripp III (aka Ed Marimba), and a vocalist named Sam Galpin, Mallard recorded two albums that were released in the United Kingdom. Mallard (1975) and In A Different Climate (1976) did not possess nearly the same amount of quirkiness as the works of the band members’ former leader, but they did display unique musicianship just the same. The self-titled Mallard is a surprisingly rustic set of country-blues tracks, sometimes laced with a healthy dose of funk rhythm. It sounded as if these Magic Band refugees had fled from Southern California in favor of a wider open area of the American South, not unlike the musical route taken by Little Feat after its foun

Rarebird's Beatles Reviews

Reprinted from the web page at Rarebird's Rock and Roll Rarity Reviews , originally created in 1999. Reviewed on this page: Beatles "The Beatles Christmas Album" (Apple SBC 100) 1970 Beatles "The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl" (Capitol SMAS-11638) 1977 Beatles "Love Songs" (Capitol SKBL 11711) 1977 Beatles "Rarities" (Capitol SHAL-12060) 1980 Paul McCartney "Unplugged (The Official Bootleg)" (Capitol C2-96413) 1991 Beatles "Live at the BBC" (Apple C4 8 31796 4) 1994 Beatles "Baby It's You" EP (Apple 8 82073 2) 1995