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Jefferson Airplane - Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival (2022 RSDBF and other official releases)

For Record Store Day Black Friday 2022, an LP containing the Jefferson Airplane's full live set at 1967's Monterey International Pop Festival will be issued in a 2,500-copy limited edition, on the Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation imprint (catalogue number MIPF 1967-8). The LP was remastered from the original analog tape and pressed in "blue-smoke" colored vinyl. The Record Store Day website states: "In 1992, part of this set was released on a Rhino box set, on CD and cassette. This RSD Black Friday release marks the first appearance of this set on vinyl". First off, the "Rhino box set" they are referring to is the 4-CD (or 4-cassette) various artists set titled The Monterey International Pop Festival (Rhino 70596), which contained five of the eight songs from the Airplane's set at the festival. Secondly, while it may be true that the Airplane's Monterey set has never before been officially issued on vinyl in the U.S.

Van Halen "A Different Kind of Truth" (2012)

It's hard to believe that Van Halen's 2012 album A Different Kind of Truth , which was the long-awaited studio album resulting from the band's reunion with original frontman David Lee Roth, is already 10 years old. But what's even harder to believe is that the album has recently become commercially unavailable. As of late 2022, the album seems to be unavailable for purchase in physical or digital formats. This seems especially odd two years after the death of guitarist and co-founder Eddie Van Halen, and after the recent success of bassist Wolfgang Van Halen's project known as Mammoth WVH. A Different Kind of Truth was Van Halen's first studio release in 14 years, following the inauspicious 1998 album Van Halen III recorded with former Extreme singer Gary Cherone. After parting ways with Cherone , Van Halen suffered through nearly a decade of invisibility, punctuated by a disastrous 2004 reunion tour with second vocalist Sammy Hagar, and by Eddie Van Halen&