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Kate Bush: The Line, The Cross & The Curve

More news on Kate Bush’s upcoming series of live shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo: seven more shows have been added, bringing the total to 22 – and all of the shows are sold out. A total of 77,000 seats were sold out within 15 minutes. This news is amazing, but understandable considering that these shows will be Bush's first full concerts in 35 years. One time when Bush was rumored to have considered touring during that long hiatus was in or around 1993, when she recorded her album titled The Red Shoes . That album had a more immediate and down-to-earth sound than most of her earlier works, possibly to make the songs easier to reproduce live. Although she did not tour in support of the album, she did direct and star in a short film called The Line, The Cross, & The Curve , which visualized dance performances and other bits of theatricality built around six of the songs from The Red Shoes . After premiering at the 1993 London Film Festival , the film went straight to video

Kate Bush: Live At Hammersmith Odeon 1979

Some surprising news about British singer-songwriter Kate Bush was recently announced: Ms. Bush will be performing a series of 15 concerts, titled Before The Dawn , at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in August and September of this year. Incredibly, this will be Bush’s first time performing full concerts in 35 years. She only went on one proper tour in 1979, the year after her debut album was released, when she played a number of shows in the U.K. and on the European mainland. She has occasionally made guest appearances at various events during the years since, but she has avoided performing full concerts of her own. Many people have speculated on possible reasons for her decades-long absence from live performances; Bush herself has said that the 1979 tour had proven to be exhausting, and that her family life became more important to her. Because of the surprising length of her stage absence, the recording of one of her 1979 shows is even more vital than I realized. On May 13th of that y