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Slim Dunlap's solo albums

What did it take to reunite the legendary Minneapolis post-punk band known as the Replacements, 22 years after their initial 1991 breakup? A tragedy. Former guitarist Bob "Slim" Dunlap suffered a severe debilitating stroke in February of 2012, and the remaining surviving members of the Replacements recorded a new 2013 EP titled Songs For Slim to help raise money for Dunlap's medical costs. It contains five cover songs, two of which were originally Dunlap's solo songs. Those surviving members are lead singer Paul Westerberg, bassist Tommy Stinson, and drummer Chris Mars -- although Mars did not actually work together with the other two on the EP. Four of its five tracks were recorded by Westerberg and Stinson, aided by Minneapolis musicians Kevin Bowe (guitar) and Peter Anderson (drums). Mars, meanwhile, contributed one solo track and the cover art. (Mars is also not involved with the live shows that the other two original members are performing this year). If you i

Evanescence "Origin" (2000) and early EP's

Rarebird's Spotlight Album Review #24 is completed. The subject: a CD and two EP's which were recorded independently by Evanescence, a few years before the 2003 release of their official debut album Fallen . The two EP's were recorded in 1998 and 1999, and the full-length CD Origin was recorded in 2000. Here is the page: