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MSN Music: no more downloads

As of this past November 14th, the MSN Music site no longer sells 99 song downloads. Here is what the site says: Beginning November 14th, 2006, MSN Music will no longer offer music downloads through the MSN Music store. The "Buy" buttons that you are used to seeing on the MSN Music album and artist pages will change to links that connect you to Zune and Real Rhapsody. Is this earth-shattering? Hardly. MSN Music surely wasn't the only game in town. Besides Zune and Real Rhapsody, we can easily utilize such services as iTunes, Napster, and Sony Connect. However, if you are a fan of Rock Star: Supernova (the TV show, not the band), and you have been meaning to download performances from MSN Music but have been putting it off (as I was until today), you may not have much time left to do so. If I may suggest a well-rounded track listing for your personalized Rock Star CD, this was the track listing I put together for mine: 1. Back of Your Car - Ryan Star 2. When the Time Com

Jason Newsted won't be on Rock Star: Supernova tour

In case you haven't heard, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has suffered an injury to his bicep and rotator cuff, and will be out of commission for up to nine months. This means he will not be touring with his new band Rock Star: Supernova (whose debut album will be released on November 21st). His replacement will be Johnny Colt, who has previously played with the Black Crowes and Train. I suppose the band formerly known as Supernova can still be called a supergroup. Here is the story: Also, the House Band from the reality show will not be touring with the band as planned, and neither will former contestants Storm Large and Magni. Budget cuts are the apparent reason.