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Rarebird's future-shock rant (January 2013 edition)

I read the news today, oh boy...the times are a-changin', and Rarebird isn't digging the changes. I know this post will make me sound like a whiny old dinosaur, but I feel a need to vent right now. I suppose this first item is not surprising, but to me, it's a bit saddening. Blockbuster Video is closing 300 more of its brick-and-mortar video stores, bringing the remaining total to about 500 nationwide. They aren't saying which stores will close as of this writing. But I have a bad feeling that the store near my home which has remained standing all this time will be gone soon, if not immediately. That entire company is evidently on borrowed time. I did a store search on the Blockbuster website to see if any others remained in my area, and there are only 3 other locations within 10 miles. They used to be everywhere! 1/26/13 Update: I've learned that the Blockbuster store in my neighborhood is indeed closing its doors. Thanks for the memories! Of course, I am

Elliott Murphy "Aquashow" (1973)

I've taken care of one New Year's resolution: I've finally added a new Spotlight Album Review to my web site. The subject is Elliott Murphy's Aquashow album from 1973. This was the promising debut album from a Dylanesque singer-songwriter who was never able to achieve mainstream recognition, but who continues to record and perform 40 years later. Here is the page:

Thom Yorke: exclusive Dazed Digital mix

Radiohead's Thom Yorke recently provided Dazed & Confused magazine with 25 exclusive minutes' worth of unreleased solo material and remixes. The nine tracks have the type of hypnotic electronic and ambient sounds that we have come to expect from Mr. Yorke, definitely worth a listen for fans. Check it out on SoundCloud: Track Listing: 1. Cycles mk 3 -- Thom Yorke 2. You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry (unfinished rmx) -- Atoms For Peace 3. Mali: Kono, the Sacred BirdÃ≈ -- Mali Musicians 4. Proud Evolution (Thom Yorke 500quid rmx) -- Liars 5. I Don't Need An Excuse (unfinished) -- Thom Yorke 6. Bloom (treatments) -- Radiohead 7. Morning Shiver Down the Black Wood River -- Anstam 8. Give Up The Ghost (Thom Yorke rmx) -- Radiohead 9. The Grind ( Average Joe ) vs Unless ( Atoms For Peace )