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Klark Kent (aka Stewart Copeland)

A compilation of solo tracks by Police drummer Stewart Copeland was released today. The Stewart Copeland Anthology contains 21 tracks from Copeland's solo works, most of which are instrumental. However, the first track is not an instrumental. "Too Kool To Kalypso" was a song recorded by Copeland in 1978 under the pseudonym of Klark Kent. Up until 1980, Copeland recorded over a dozen tracks under that name before his true identity was revealed. Eight of those songs were released on a 10-inch green vinyl EP called Klark Kent: Music Madness From The Kinetic Kid , which remains a cool collectible item for both its appearance and its sound. A few other songs were released as singles and B-sides (sometimes pressed in green vinyl as well). In 1995, a collection of the complete Klark Kent recordings was released on I.R.S. Records, which was founded by Copeland's brother Miles. Kollected Works is now out of print, as are the original Klark Kent releases, and it has become th

Bands of the living dead

I was rather amused to read this MSN article, which talks about bands "long thought to have disbanded" who "soldier on...long after even loyal fans believed them to no longer be in existence." There certainly are countless bands like this still out there; my brother recently went to see shows by some kind of Thin Lizzy lineup and by some kind of Kansas lineup. The MSN article doesn't go that far in depth on the subject; among the bands they use as examples are Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, and the Who(!). But, anyway, I did think the article was worth reading, and the first two paragraphs sum up the trend well: Imagine if you found out that new episodes of "Laverne & Shirley" were still being made. Perhaps not with the entire original cast and certainly with the remaining cast members looking kind of old and out of breath. But still, the show was technically on the air somehow, somewhere,

Tower Records lives -- online

In case you haven't heard this, here is a portion of the e-mail I received from the CEO in June: Dear Customer, We are very pleased to report to you that the legacy of Tower Records will live on through We are currently in the final stages of the sale of to Inc., which is committed to upholding and maintaining the integrity of Tower Records, and positioning as your preferred online shopping experience. Thank you again for your business and your loyalty to Tower Records and Joseph L. D'Amico CEO Didier Pilon CEO Inc. 11/17/17 Update : finally went offline in 2017. However, the Tower Records brand name lives on in the form of indie record stores in Ireland and Japan.