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White Stripes single from Sub Pop

The website for Jack White's new record label Third Man Records has piqued my interest with a service called the Vault. The Vault offers the expected online goodies (i.e. streaming video and chat rooms) for all of its members. But for its "Platinum Members" who pay $20 per month, the label is offering exclusive vinyl items, in the form of LP's and 7-inch singles. More information is at the site: While explaining why prospective members should spend 20 of their hard-earned bucks per month on this service, the site mentions this: In 2001 the White Stripes were featured in the Sub Pop singles club. It was a subscription-only service where the lucky subscriber received a 7" every month for a very reasonable price. A six-month subscription in 2001 would have cost you $35. The White Stripes' Sub Pop single on Sub Pop now consistently sells for $250 on reputable online auction sites. What "Sub Po

Lou Reed reviews added

I've added reviews of three more albums to the Lou Reed page: The Blue Mask (1982), Set The Twilight Reeling (1996), and Perfect Night: Live In London (1998). Here is the page: The Blue Mask was reissued shortly after I added the review, and that's good news, because that album marked a major creative turning point for Reed. The other two albums are perhaps not among Reed's essential recordings, but most of his fans will want them in their collections.