Four T. Rex reissues coming from Rhino

Rhino Records is releasing four T. Rex reissues on November 8th: The Slider (1972), Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow (1974), Dandy In The Underworld (1977), and the collection The T. Rex Wax Co. Singles A's and B's 1972-77, which was originally released as two separate discs but will now be available as a 2-disc set. Each of the three proper album reissues will be 2-disc expanded editions, containing the complete album, bonus tracks, and a second disc containing a "work-in-progress" version of the album. The singles collection combines two compilations originally released separately; the first disc contains all 19 A-sides issued on Bolan's own T. Rex Wax Co. label, while the second disc includes all 25 B-sides in chronological order (several singles featured two B-side tracks).

The Slider is a great, bombastic classic of the glam-rock genre that definitely deserves its U.S. re-release. Zinc Alloy is a less thrilling album that catches Bolan at the beginning of his post-stardom downhill slide. Dandy In The Underworld was Bolan's final studio album before his 1977 death; it shows him regaining some of his old confidence while reaching out to the punk movement that was catching fire.

When these reissues are released, it will reduce the number of out-of-print T. Rex studio albums in the U.S., but more will still be missing. The albums that will still be unavailable domestically in America will include 1973's Tanx (our loss), 1975's Bolan's Zip Gun (no loss there; it may as well be retitled "Bolan's Low Point"), and 1976's disco-flavored Futuristic Dragon (another loss). And, of course, the first five Tyrannosaurus Rex/T. Rex albums that I reviewed on my T. Rex Reviews page will still be unavailable as well. Even though they are fairly easy to acquire as imports, it would be nice if those albums could be reissued domestically in the U.S. Is anyone from Rhino listening?


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