The Rock Star: INXS DVD

First off, let me apologize for reporting some time ago that the Rock Star: INXS DVD was going to be released on December 6th. I was going by's release date (again). It actually was released a week earlier, on November 29th. Maybe they moved the date up at the last minute, but in any case, the DVD was released two weeks ago.

How is the DVD? It could have been much better, but for $10 (that's what I paid), it's a good-enough-for-now souvenir to remember the show by. If you expect to see performances by the show's early eliminatees, you'll be disappointed. Only the last six finalists (J.D., Marty, Mig, Suzie, Jordis, and Ty) are showcased here. But good performances were selected to represent them. Among the 17 clips are: Jordis' stunning performance of "The Man Who Sold The World", Marty's bold acoustic rendition of "Mr. Brightside", Ty's flawless "No Woman No Cry", and Suzie's sensational "Bohemian Rhapsody" performance. Other notable moments contained on the DVD are Mig's showy "Live And Let Die", Marty's "dark" reinvention of "Baby One More Time" and his gripping version of Radiohead's "Creep", Suzie's classy "Bring It On Home To Me", and J.D.'s hard-rocking arrangement of "California Dreamin'". I was hoping for a multi-DVD set that would contain more (like, say, the complete series?), but it's good to have this much for now.

Also, the DVD contains a five-song "first concert" by INXS and J.D. which was filmed after the finale but wasn't shown on TV. They perform "Need You Tonight", "Never Tear Us Apart", "Suicide Blonde", "Pretty Vegas", and "Don't Change". It's a good set, and Fortune sounds very much like Michael Hutchence (I guess that's why he got the job). One amusing moment: during "Never Tear Us Apart", Fortune walks over to where the other 14 contestants are sitting and allows them to take turns singing a few lines.

The plastic packaging contains a red sticker that reads: INCLUDES FOOTAGE TOO HOT FOR TV! Is it a big tease? Yes. In fact, I believe the third of the three segments, which shows the contestants (when there were at least 13 of them) playing and goofing in the mansion, actually was shown on TV during the last episode. But the first of the three is a classic. It was filmed during the night of J.D.'s wild birthday party. J.D. sits buck-naked on top of his birthday cake (which was destroyed in a food fight), and the camera follows him to the shower when he goes to wash up. The new lead singer of INXS already has rock-star notoriety. And then (exactly 52 minutes later, we are told), Suzie walks over to the flattened remnants of the birthday cake, sticks her finger in the frosting where J.D.'s bare buttocks had been, and eats it! YUCK! I thought it was nasty when she drank champagne off his foot...

Also, the DVD features footage of casting interviews with all 15 contestants, some of which would never make it past TV censors. Especially (but not surprisingly) J.D.'s interview.