David Lee Roth says Van Halen reunion "inevitable"

Oh boy. Are you ready for more reunion rumors? David Lee Roth said in a Tuesday Pittsburgh Tribune Review interview that it is "inevitable" that he will reunite with Van Halen, and predicts that it will happen sooner rather than later. Haven't we heard this before? Roth says:

"I talked to the drummer [Alex Van Halen] about a week ago. And I think, eventually, the inevitable will happen."

I'll believe it when I see it, and no sooner. Why am I skeptical? A good back story on this can be read in this article.

By the way, Roth made his debut this week as Howard Stern's replacement on a number of radio stations. It's mostly a talk radio show, with a minimum of music involved. He has plenty of enthusiasm and stories to tell, but time will tell if he can keep it going for any length of time.


tim 8>)... said…
Boy, he's a funny guy. Saw him on the Sammy & Dave tour a couple of years ago, and his voice is pretty much gone. He sounded like a VH cover band, not the original singer
of the band! Don't know why they'd take him back, since it still wouldn't sound like VH 1st edition even if they did.