Björk notes

A note for fans of the Sugarcubes, the late-'80's avant-pop band from Iceland that helped Björk achieve worldwide fame. Earlier this month, two Sugarcubes DVDs were released in the U.S. Both had previously been released in the U.K. in late 2004. Sugarcubes - The DVD is a collection of their videos; Live Zabor is a collection of live performances from 1988 and 1989.

Also, I recently made a correction on my Bjork page that I should point out. On her self-titled 1977 album which was released only in Iceland, the then-11-year-old sang a song about a fairy-tale cow, and sang it to the tune of the Stevie Wonder-Syreeta Wright song "Your Kiss Is Sweet". I had erroneously reported that the album's third track, "Alta Mira", was that song. But it was actually the second track, titled "Bukolla". "Alta Mira" is actually a remake of a song by the Edgar Winter Group, from their 1973 album They Only Come Out At Night. I regret the error.

Speaking of Björk's 1977 Icelandic children's album: it is worth searching out, and will probably never receive a proper reissue. Although the singer is proud of the record, the master tapes are reportedly long lost. Its distributor Fálkinn was primarily a manufacturer of bicycles and machinery; their music business was divested in 1986, and the Björk master tapes disappeared. It's a shame, because the album is an interesting part of her career that does not deserve to be overlooked.