Doors documentaries and other items coming soon

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Doors, two documentary films are in production, and at least one of them is intended for theatrical release. Here are details:

The article points out that the documentaries are being co-produced by the Doors Music Co. as part of a concerted effort by the surviving band members and their manager to maintain the enduring popularity of their work. Other upcoming items are mentioned in the article:

A new box set encompassing every studio album and the concert album "Absolutely Live," to be released by Rhino in October. Box will contain two-disc sets of each studio album -- a CD with new stereo mixes by original producer Bruce Botnick as well as freshly remastered classic mixes, and a DVD with 5.1 and 96k stereo mixes along with outtakes, alternate takes and video clips. Apple's iTunes is expected to offer digital albums, virtual box sets and downloads of live and rare tracks.

"The Doors Live at the Matrix '67," to be released by Bright Midnight Archives, the Doors' joint venture label with Rhino/Warner Bros. Album will be similar to last year's two-CD "The Doors Live in Philadelphia '70"; Bright Midnight Archives will release other live recordings from 1967-70.

A coffee-table anthology, "The Doors by the Doors," co-penned by Ben Fong-Torres and published by Hyperion; "Jim Morrison Treasures," a coffee-table photo/scrapbook; and two volumes of poetry, "Things Known," a compilation of Morrison's previously released poetry books, and "Things Unknown," his unpublished poems and song lyrics.

A four- to eight-hour radio special.

Of course, we must assume that the box set will only contain two-disc sets of each studio album that the band recorded with Morrison. "Every studio album" presumably excludes the two rare post-Morrison studio albums Other Voices (1971) and Full Circle (1972). Could anyone imagine two-disc editions of those two albums?