What's become of the Rock Star: INXS contestants?

Now that the second season of Rock Star is underway, this question is worth asking: what has happened to the first season's contestants, who competed to become the new INXS singer? Have they gone on to bigger things, or have they gone back to obscurity?

You probably already know that INXS have since released a moderately successful album called Switch , featuring new singer J.D. Fortune, and have been touring the world since the beginning of the year. The reason that came together so fast was because the plans were already set up before the winner was selected last season. Also, runner-up Marty Casey has also released an album with his band the Lovehammers, which has also been a modest success.

Not much has been heard from the other contestants, but it has been less than one year since the first season ended. Deanna Johnston and Mig Ayesa are involved with the new season in behind-the-scenes jobs. Jordis Unga and Wil Seabrook have both apparently signed record deals. (Seabrook was eliminated from the show during the first week; Matt Hoffer can take this as an encouraging sign). Suzie McNeil is now touring as part of P!NK's band, and she recently performed two shows in Ontario, Canada with Ty Taylor, Tara Slone, and Mig Ayesa.

If you'd like to keep tabs on the first season Rock Star contestants, here are some websites that will help:

Suzie - http://www.suziemcneil.ca/index.html

Mig - http://www.mig-music.com/

Jordis - http://www.jordisonline.net

Ty - http://www.myspace.com/thetytaylorband

Tara - http://www.taraslone.com

Deanna - http://www.myspace.com/deannajohnston

Heather Luttrell - http://www.heatherluttrell.com/

Daphna Dove - http://www.myspace.com/daphnadove

Wil Seabrook - http://www.myspace.com/wilseabrook

Jessica Robinson - http://www.covergurlrocks.com

Brandon Calhoon - http://www.brandoncalhoon.com

Neal Carlson - http://www.bonaroba.net/

Can’t help you with Dana Robbins! :)