Burrito Deluxe

I've added reviews of the first two Burrito Deluxe albums (which are both out of print) to the Flying Burrito Brothers page. Burrito Deluxe is the band which was formed by the recently deceased "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow, after the Flying Burrito Brothers name was finally retired in the year 2000.

The first of the two albums, Georgia Peach, was released in 2002. It was presented as a tribute to both Kleinow and Gram Parsons, and it didn't sound much different than many other albums that were issued under the Flying Burrito Brothers name. However, the second album was much better. The Whole Enchilada (2004) had a more well-defined lineup and a more fully realized sound, and the music seemed to be forward-looking instead of simply rehashing old songs and sounds.

Before Kleinow's death this past January, another lineup of Burrito Deluxe recorded a third album titled Disciples of the Truth, which was released on March 20th. This version of the band intends to continue without Kleinow. So, the Burrito saga continues...