Led Zeppelin to tour without Robert Plant?

The notion of Led Zeppelin without its legendary frontman Robert Plant seems unthinkable to many, but apparently not to the other surviving members of Led Zep. Billboard.com reports that Led Zep may tour with Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy if Plant will not come on board. Here's what the article says:

Kennedy has rehearsed with Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones and drummer Jason Bonham on several occasions, according to sources in the know. In a recent BBC interview, Jones confirmed the band was planning to tour but didn't refer to Kennedy by name.

Although he was onboard for a one-off reunion in December 2007 in London, Plant has steadfastly declined to hit the road with Zeppelin. In late September, he issued a statement saying he has "no intention whatsoever of touring with anyone for at least the next two years," and also wished Page, Jones and Bonham "nothing but success with any future projects."

Hmmm. To my ears, Kennedy sounds like a second-generation Plant imitator. The vocalist whom Kennedy most closely resembles is Chris Cornell, who has always struck me as a Plant follower.

Replacing Plant in Led Zeppelin is a risky proposition at best. Considering the countless Plant clones who have popped up over the last four decades, a Led Zeppelin lineup with a somewhat-soundalike singer could end up sounding like just another rip-off band. (Anyone remember the 1993 Coverdale/Page project?). YouTube videos of Alter Bridge covering Kashmir and Rock and Roll suggest that a Kennedy-fronted lineup could work, but I for one would not be buying a ticket.

The article also says this:

There may be one unintended side effect should Kennedy bolt Alter Bridge, which has released an album each for Wind-Up and Universal. That band features the non-singing members of Creed, who split with frontman Scott Stapp in 2004. But sources indicate there would be big bucks in a Creed reunion tour and that the band may indeed rise again.

Uh oh.


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Brother, I am with you.