Alex Chilton “Live In Anvers” (2004)

The last Alex Chilton solo title released during his lifetime was Live In Anvers, which was released in France in 2004 and in the U.S. in 2005. Live In Anvers captures Chilton during a January 2004 concert at De Nachten in Belgium. Backed by a trio of musicians from that region, Chilton performs two songs from his distant past (“Bangkok” and Big Star’s “In The Street”), four covers from his last two studio albums, and six other cover songs, spanning such genres as jazz, r&b, classical, and Italian pop. (“Ah Ti Ta Ti Ta Ta” is better known as “Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta” by Ernie K-Doe). Chilton is in fine form throughout, especially when you consider that he only had one rehearsal session with his pick-up band. The tone is generally mellow, and Chilton sounds quite comfortable performing in such spontaneous fashion. Particularly effective are Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Hook Me Up”, Chilton’s own “Bangkok” (which he tells the audience is a song he created when he was “a drunken hooligan” in the 1970’s), and Adriano Celentano’s “Il Ribelle”. The album ends beautifully with Chilton’s heartbreaking guitar-based rendition of “It’s Too Late To Turn Back Now” by Brothers Cornelius and Sister Rose. That song – and Live In Anvers as a whole – serves as a poignant elegy to Chilton’s career.

Alex Chilton - Live in Anvers

Alex Chilton “Live In Anvers” (Last Call 3093182) 2004, (Rykodisc 10808) 2005

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Ah Ti Ta Ti Ta Ta
3. Song Intro
4. In The Street
5. Song Intro
6. 634-5789
7. Hook Me Up
8. Il Ribelle
9. Song Intro
10. Bangkok
11. Shiny Stockings
12. Claim to Fame
13. Sonata, Grave
14. Autumn in New York
15. Sick and Tired
16. It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now
17. Concert Outro