Secret Seven “Hold On To Love” (1983)

After the unfortunate 1981 demise of the sadly unnoticed Distractions, lead singer Mike Finney worked with a short-lived band called the Secret Seven, who released only one single in the U.K. in 1983. Finney shared vocal duties with Julie Middles, the ex-wife of Manchester music journalist Mick Middles; the Seven also included producer/guitarist Martin Hayles, sometime Distractions drummer Bernard Van Den Berg, a bass player named A.J., percussionist Danny Cummings, and keyboardist Don Garbutt. Their sound bore no resemblance to that of Finney’s former band. Where the Distractions’ educated new wave approach made their 1980 album timeless, the Secret Seven’s 1983 single was clearly a product of its exact time period.

Based on the single’s two tracks, The Secret Seven (or Secret 7, as it was spelled on the disc’s center label) played new-wave-era dance pop, certainly slicker and less wistful than the music of the Distractions. At its core, the A-side “Hold On To Love” was born from the same school of New Romanticism that brought us Duran Duran and the Human League. It’s not very far removed from ‘70’s disco, but it’s somewhat distinguished by Finney’s soulful vocals (showing a more upbeat side of him than the Distractions did) and catchy keyboard sounds from Garbutt. The B-side, “Up In Smoke”, follows an even more repetitive r&b groove, with Middles coming across as little more than a prominent backup singer. Again, Finney’s vocals and Garbutt’s keyboards are the only distinguishing factors.

Secret Seven “Hold On To Love” b/w “Up In Smoke” (Bronze BRO 164) 1983

Track Listing:

1. Hold On To Love
2. Up In Smoke


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