Taylor Swift tops Canadian iTunes chart with eight seconds of white noise

Eat your hearts out, hipsters! All of you hipper-than-thou alternative and indie artists who release recordings of white noise and think you're so cool and defiantly anti-mainstream for doing it -- guess what? Taylor Swift, of all people, has now one-upped all of you, without even trying. This past week, Ms. Swift (accidentally) achieved a new avant-garde milestone: she briefly had a #1 hit on the Canadian iTunes chart with something called "Track 3", which only consisted of eight seconds of white noise. And how did the American country-pop darling pull off this feat? The existence of "Track 3" was caused by an iTunes glitch, which made it appear to be an actual recorded musical track from Swift's soon-to-be-released new album titled 1989. The accidental eight seconds of TV-static-like sound then became the top selling track on Canadian iTunes. Don't believe me? Here is the MSN article:


I would have loved to see reactions by some of the many people who purchased the track and caused it to soar to the top of the chart. "Track 3" is no longer being sold, but you can hear the minimalist track in all its chart-topping glory here:

Say what you will about Ms. Swift. She is hardly one of the great singers or songwriters, and many of her songs tend to sound the same -- but we can't say that "Track 3" sounds like any of her other stuff, can we?