The Beatles "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" album to be reissued in September

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl album has been out of print for decades, but it will be released for the first time on CD and digitally on September 9th, 2016. The reissue, now titled Live at the Hollywood Bowl, contains four previously unreleased tracks. It was sourced directly from the original three-track tapes of three concerts performed at the L.A. venue in August 1964 and August 1965. The reissue was remixed and remastered at Abbey Road by George Martin's son, Giles, and engineer Sam Okell. More information (including the updated track list) is at the Rolling Stone site:

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl album was originally released in 1977. According to the late producer George Martin's liner notes for the original LP issue, the shows were recorded "for posterity" by Capitol, but neither Martin nor the band wanted the recordings released at the time because it only consisted of songs that were previously released on studio albums (apparently, releasing such an album was considered unusual at the time!). But the only flaw of the album has been the quality of the recordings. Only three-track recording was possible in the mid-1960's, and the 1977 issue of the album often contains tape hiss and other anomalies (not to mention the constant screaming of the young girls in attendance). Otherwise, the album is totally enjoyable. The charm of the Beatles' performances shines through on this recording, making it an absolute treat for Beatlemaniacs. Martin and engineer Geoff Emerick did their best to clean up the sound using 1977 technology; I can't wait to hear how the more modern remixing techniques have cleaned up the sound further.

The release of Live at the Hollywood Bowl will coincide with a new Ron Howard documentary about the band's early years, called Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years. The documentary will be available for streaming on Hulu on September 17th.

9/12/16 Update: The reissue of the album does not disappoint. The remixing made a major improvement, making the sound much clearer, and bringing the music further to the front of the mix while pushing the audience's screaming into the background. The four previously unreleased tracks are: "You Can't Do That" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand" from the 1964 show, and "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" and "Baby's In Black" from the 1965 show.

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