Awolnation "Live In Vienna" (2018 Record Store Day single)

For Record Store Day 2018, the L.A. alternative rock band Awolnation released a 7-inch vinyl single titled Live In Vienna. Limited to 1,000 copies, Live In Vienna featured two songs recorded live at Supersense in Austria. What is Supersense, you ask? It is a venue owned by an analog recording enthusiast by the name of Florian “Doc” Kaps. The single’s sleeve describes it this way:

"Supersense in Vienna is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe, which remains one of the only places in the world to offer this unique style of recording. At Supersense artists engage in an antiquated, authentic and rare method of recording a unique, live performance in an intimate environment. The sound immortalized on vinyl.”

It sounds like an intriguing place, much like a European variation of Jack White’s Third Man Records Blue Room. The two Awolnation performances included on this single are of the encouraging “Passion” from their 2018 album Here Come The Runts, and the darker “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” from the 2015 album Run. Both songs are performed with plenty of enthusiasm and plenty of reverb, with some of the electronic effects from the studio versions still intact. On each of the two songs, Aaron Bruno tends to sing in a treble voice until he belts out more intense screaming for the climax. The analog recording sound achieved through Supersense sounds neither low-fidelity nor high-fidelity, lying in its own place on the spectrum in between. In any case, the single does make it clear that the California alt-rockers were able to deliver the goods for their audience in this intimate venue.

AWOLNATION - Live in Vienna

Awolnation “Live In Vienna” (Red Bull single RBR05727NCH) 2018

Track Listing:

A. Passion
B. Hollow Moon