Pearl Jam "Live At Easy Street" (2019 Record Store Day exclusive)

Pearl Jam have been named the official Ambassadors of Record Store Day 2019. To celebrate this accolade, the Seattle grunge titans are reissuing their rare 2006 EP Live At Easy Street. This recording predates the Record Store Day tradition, but it anticipated the Record Store Day spirit in many ways. The band played a surprise set at the Easy Street Records store in West Seattle in April of 2005, two years before the first Record Store Day. (According to Eddie Vedder, this was the first time the Seattle grunge band played in the western part of the city). The band made this appearance in support of the Coalition Of Independent Music Stores. A limited number of CD copies of the recorded set were distributed to indie record stores in 2006. Now, Live At Easy Street will be issued on vinyl for Record Store Day 2019, and will be limited to 6,000 copies.

The seven songs here were performed with amazing ferocity that recalls the band's early days, with the recorded set clocking in at less than 28 minutes. The band avoided the radio hits of their '90's heyday, playing just one song from their classic 1991 debut album Ten ("Porch") and covering three songs from punk rock's earlier years. The lyrics are dated by Bush-era politics, but the band's political rage certainly added plenty of fuel to their performance, especially when they covered angry punk rants from the Dead Kennedys ("Bleed For Me") and the Avengers ("American In Me"). (It also caused Vedder to spout quite a few profanities). The consistently fast pace of the set slows down just a little bit for their cover of X's "New World", which features guest vocals by John Doe. Not only does Live At Easy Street fit the bill for a modern Record Store Day exclusive, it also provides an exciting adrenalin rush.

Note: The original CD has a brief extra track at the beginning, simply consisting of crowd noise and noise from the street outside the record store while a door was open.

Pearl Jam - Live at Easy Street

Pearl Jam "Live At Easy Street" EP (J Records 82876-71466-2) 2006

Track Listing:

1. Half Full
2. Lukin
3. American In Me
4. Save You
5. Bleed For Me
6. New World (feat. John Doe)
7. Porch