John Hiatt & Lilly Hiatt “All Kinds Of People” (b/w “You Must Go”) (2019 Record Store Day single)

For Record Store Day 2019, John Hiatt (the 66-year-old veteran singer-songwriter from Indiana) and his daughter Lilly Hiatt (who is a 35-year-old alt-country recording artist) recorded a 7-inch split-single limited to 450 copies. On the A-side, John covered Lilly’s song “All Kinds Of People”, which originally appeared on her 2017 album Trinity Lane. On the B-side, Lilly covered her father’s song “You Must Go”, from his 1995 album Walk On.

When you hear the elder Hiatt sing his daughter’s song “All Kinds Of People”, it’s hard to believe it’s not his own composition. The heartbroken lyrics about losing a true lover who is bound for the ocean (sort of a first-person variation on the Looking Glass song “Brandy”) have an emotional depth and a sense of down-to-earth realism that seemingly run in the family. John’s gentle guitar-and-harmonica arrangement, in which he is accompanied only by drummer Kenneth Blevins, also makes the song sound very much like it is one of his own creations.

Lilly also manages to put her own spin on her father’s song “You Must Go”, one of the better selections from his spotty 1995 album Walk On. She sings the song in an affecting voice reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. While she keeps the original’s mandolin-based arrangement in place, Lilly’s rendition ends with a nice, unexpected ambient guitar fadeout that helps the single leave a lasting impression. It’s a fruitful little father-daughter collaboration.

John Hiatt & Lilly Hiatt “All Kinds Of People” (b/w “You Must Go”) (New West single NW4131) 2019

Track Listing:

A. All Kinds Of People – written by Lilly Hiatt, performed by John Hiatt
B. You Must Go – written by John Hiatt, performed by Lilly Hiatt