Juliana Hatfield "Christmas Cactus" (2020 Record Store Day Black Friday single)

For Record Store Day Black Friday in 2020, Juliana Hatfield issued an exclusive 7-inch single titled “Christmas Cactus”. The single was limited to 1,500 copies, and was pressed in magenta-colored vinyl. The single’s two sides had more of a flower-related theme than one related to the holidays. The B-side track was titled “Red Poinsettia”, and the disc’s center sticker denotes the sides with plant graphics instead of song titles.

Hatfield is a ‘90’s alternative-rock veteran who has been making girlish-voiced, guitar-fuzzed alt-pop since before Beabadoobee was born. Hatfield’s lyrics have often described disappointment and failed romances, and these two tracks certainly uphold those lyrical traditions. The A-side, “Christmas Cactus”, is a melancholy ballad which seemingly uses dissatisfaction with the growth of a plant as a metaphor for a discontented life. The equally downcast B-side, “Red Poinsettia”, only suggests the holiday season by its title flower imagery; otherwise, the song describes the apparent end of a combative relationship, with a sound built on guitar pedal effects. This single offers a good pair of collectible tracks for fans of Hatfield, and it comes with a download card.

Juliana Hatfield “Christmas Cactus” b/w “Red Poinsettia” (single) (American Laundromat ALR-0052) 2020

Track Listing:

1. Christmas Cactus
2. Red Poinsettia


Brad H said…
This is a pretty cool release and I like both songs. I always love how JH's Vinyl come with digitial download codes (not all artists do this!) I grabbed a copy in Charlotte on RSD. I've been collecting everything she officially releases since I saw her live in Chapel Hill back in 95. Was lucky to be able to nab the early EP's and other non-LP music before things got much harder to find.

I know there is a JH group on Facebook, but I don't have and honestly never will get facebook, so I can't really post my question there. Do you know of a group or place online where JH LIVE shows are up somewhere for d/l? I have a few I've collected over the years, but the web seems to have so few for such a prolific musician and a couple of interest unfortunately have expired links (for example there was a post of a show "Live at Bush Hall 2006" with a great setlist but it was posted like 2008.