Twenty One Pilots "Location Sessions" (2021 Record Store Day EP)

For Record Store Day 2021, the indie-pop duo Twenty One Pilots issued a four-song EP titled Location Sessions. This EP was pressed in grey vinyl and limited to 16,000 copies. It was released on June 12th of 2021, the first of two Record Store Day "drop dates" during that year.

The EP contained live versions of three songs from the duo's 2018 Trench album, as well as a "live from outside" version of the 2020 single "Level Of Concern".

These Location Sessions tracks aren't half bad. The live version of "Chlorine" is preferable to the higher-tech studio version, with Tyler Joseph's vocals sounding nearer and natural as he voices the bizarre metaphors in the lyrics, with a more organic piano sound, and with the song's length being wisely shortened. The live version of "Cut My Lip" is no less technology-based than the studio version, though it does have a slightly warmer sound here even with the AutoTune effects; it's not necessarily better, as it's not one of the duo's better songs in either case. "The Hype" sounds more sensitive here, with Joseph's robotic-sounding vocals exhibiting a bit more tenderness than his echo-effected vocals on the studio version. And then there's this version of "Level Of Concern", the lighthearted COVID-19-era love song. This version sounds more upbeat, with simulated horn sounds further leavening the song's "serious comedy" tone.

Twenty One Pilots - Location Sessions

Twenty One Pilots "Location Sessions" EP (Fueled By Ramen 1-655948) 2021

Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Chlorine (Mexico City)
2. Cut My Lip (Brooklyn)

Side B:

3. The Hype (Berlin)
4. Level Of Concern (Live From Outside)