Splinter's self-titled 1980 album

About three years ago, I created a Splinter review page, where I reviewed the three albums that the duo released in the U.S. in the 1970's. This duo was best known for being the first artist signed to George Harrison's Dark Horse label in 1974. I just recently learned that there was another Splinter album in 1980 that was only released in England and Japan. I've added the review to my Splinter page: http://rarebird9.net/splinter.html . As it turns out, the world didn't miss much by not hearing this album. It mostly consisted of dull adult-contemporary mush, 1980-style (think Christopher Cross, Air Supply, Benny Mardones -- you get the idea). But, as always, I'm glad I've heard the album myself.

Splinter also released an album called Streets At Night in 1979, but only in Japan (on Columbia Records, no less). That album is also reviewed on the Splinter page.