Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi dies of cancer at 60

I just heard today that Jim Capaldi, the former drummer of Traffic, died yesterday from stomach cancer at age 60. Here is the ABC News story:

According to this article, Steve Winwood was hoping to work with Capaldi again. The two of them had enduring chemistry. As I pointed out on my Steve Winwood page at , Capaldi occasionally worked on Winwood's solo albums. In the cases of Steve Winwood (1977) and Refugees Of The Heart (1990), their collaborations were the albums' high points. In 1994, the two of them reunited for an official Traffic reunion. The resulting album Far From Home actually sounded more like a Winwood solo album than one by Traffic. Still, it was good to hear the two of them work together. Alas, it can never happen again. May God rest Jim Capaldi's soul.