The Acid Casualties w/Robby Krieger

An obscure album remotely related to the Doors' history is Panic Station, the only album recorded by a short-lived progressive rock band called the Acid Casualties in 1982. Doors guitarist Robby Krieger played on four of the album's eight tracks. The main quartet consisted of singer/bassist Mark Avnet (who worked on Krieger's 1983 solo album Versions), synthesizer player Arthur Barrow (who also played on Versions and on all of Krieger's later solo studio albums), guitarist Lou Maxfield (who had previously played with Joan Jett's Blackhearts), and drummer Tom Brown. They were not exactly the type of psychedelic band that their name suggested; such a band would have been anachronistic in 1982. They were more of a Pink Floyd-type space-rock band, but they didn't have the Floyd's ability to create effective moods or otherworldly soundscapes. They actually covered the obscure early Floyd single "Point Me At The Sky", as well as the early T. Rex song "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart". On the four tracks he plays on, Krieger adds spacey slide guitar effects. Otherwise, Barrow's synthesizer sounds are the only standout feature of this otherwise undistinguished prog-rock venture.

The Acid Casualties Panic Station (Rhino RNLP 850) 1982

Track Listing:

1. Point Me At The Sky
2. Shadow Street *
3. Canyons Of Your Mind
4. Solid Sound *
5. Armies Of The Sun/The Battle*
6. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart (Funny How The Day Comes)
7. She's A Lost Soul *
8. Floating

* with Robby Krieger

The Acid Casualties - Panic Station


where can i find this album ?
Rarebird Nine said…
This album is out of print, and is not likely to be reissued. Your best bet is to watch for it on eBay or GEMM. Hope this helps.
Kickyourace said…
Listing this on Ebay today for a five day auction. Still sealed.
Kickyourace said…
Listed on Ebay for a five day auction under user "Forevervinyl"