Ten Years After - without Alvin Lee

This may not be news to some of you, since it began in September of 2002, but this has been below my Rarebird radar until recently. The '60's band Ten Years After reunited in 2002, but without their famed singer/guitarist Alvin Lee. Lee has been replaced by a musician named Joe Gooch, who is in his late 20's. The other three original members (Leo Lyons, Chick Churchill, and Ric Lee) are on board.

I know, I shouldn't really be surprised. After all, my site discusses many cases where well-known members of well-known groups have been replaced. But TYA without Alvin Lee? Some people (though not I) think that Alvin Lee was Ten Years After. When people think of TYA's 11-minute performance of "I'm Going Home" in the Woodstock movie, it is generally Lee that they see and hear.

After TYA officially split in 1975, there were occasional reunions over the years. Up until 1999, every TYA reunion featured all four original members. Seeing this band replace its frontman 35 years after its original inception seems strange indeed.

This reunion has been a well-kept secret in America, because so far the band has only toured in Europe. They have recorded two CDs that have only been released in selected European countries, one live and one with all-new studio material. The latter album, titled Now, appears to have no distributor. Maybe they should sell it at CD Baby.

I've added reviews of these two albums, One Night Jammed (2003) and Now (2004) to my Ten Years After Page: