Jordis Unga and Liars Club

Now that Jordis Unga has been eliminated from Rock Star: INXS, her future is wide open, and she has her foot in the music industry door. She is now back with her St. Paul, Minnesota band Liars Club (formerly known as Fighting Tongs). A few rough demos can be heard on their Myspace site:

When Jordis did her exit chat on MSN on Thursday, September 8th, one person asked her:

"Your voice and style are truly unique and emotionally moving and I'm seeing you as a solo artist as opposed to a lead singer in a band. What is your ideal dream for your career?"

Jordis replied:

"I'm a band girl, I don't see myself being solo artist. It's weird, people are suprised when I say that, but I like the idea of standing in front of a band and having my boys behind me."

Jordis should be aware that if her band does hit the big time, the industry and the media may not share her sentiments. I can imagine one thing: if Jordis and her band ever perform on, for example, a TV awards show, the camera is going to focus on her, and her band will be treated as backup musicians by the media. Call it Gwen Stefani Syndrome. Magazines that have done stories on No Doubt have often tried to make Stefani the focal point (and their cover girl), and have tried to ignore the other band members. Stefani has always objected to this, especially when reporters have asked her if she intends to leave No Doubt and become a solo artist. She has remained loyal to (as Jordis would say) her boys, but now that Stefani has had a successful solo album, who knows what the future of No Doubt will be?

The same situation could apply to Jordis if she continues to be the frontwoman for Liars Club instead of a solo artist. If those rough demos are anything to go by, Jordis' voice seems to be the key distinguishing factor of her band. And the industry has already seen her shine like a brilliant solo artist on Rock Star. The best advice I could give Jordis is to be true to herself. That may be a cliche, but if she aims for a career in the music industry, it may not be easy to do.