Rock Star: INXS -- week 8

Ty Taylor was eliminated this week. He struck a sour note in his farewell speech by implying that his color played a part in his three showings in the bottom three. If he had been a bottom three regular from the get-go, he may have had reason to feel this way. But he outlasted more than half of his white competitors. The first time he made the bottom three (during week 4, after performing the Foo Fighters' "Everlong"), he admitted that he felt he deserved to be there. I was somewhat surprised when he landed in the bottom three last week. I thought his performance of "Proud Mary" was the most impressive performance that evening. But his Motown extravaganza may not have appealed to a majority of audience tastes. This week, there were only six performers left, so everyone had a fifty-fifty chance of landing in the bottom three this time. There was nothing wrong with Ty's performance of the Stones classic "You Can't Always Get What You Want" on Tuesday night. In fact, it was solid. But it was one of the less impressive performances of the evening, so his showing in the bottom three was not surprising. When he performed INXS' "The One Thing" on Wednesday, his voice did not suit the song well, and he mangled the chorus by singing a wrong lyric. It was appropriate to eliminate him based on that. Ty never seemed like a frontrunner in this contest. I enjoyed watching his performances, and I will miss him. But his final playing of the race card left a bad aftertaste.

As for the rest of the bottom three, it looks like I got my wish from last week. We finally got to see JD and Jordis sing INXS songs. How did they do? JD's performance of "This Time" was in his comfort zone, and wasn't bad. But it didn't prove him to be the lover of INXS songs that he claims to be. We'll need to hear him do another one. And Jordis? Her performance of "Listen Like Thieves" just didn't connect. I'll need to hear her do another one as well. Now Mig is the only one we haven't heard do an INXS song.

Speaking of JD: what was with his disinterested reaction to the new INXS song that the contestants were asked to lay down a vocal track for? This is the man who claims to love INXS more than the other contestants? JD is beginning to look more phony than ever. I can do without the drama that surrounds him, but I guess we should expect it on a reality show. JD's Tuesday night performance of Elvis' "Suspicious Minds" was passable, but is that all we get from a former Elvis impersonator? Don't get me wrong; I'm glad he didn't do a Las Vegas rendition. But I expected better than just an adequate performance from him.

Okay, enough hand-wringing. Suzie got my vote this week. She is the first one to get my vote more than once. She did great with Queen's difficult "Bohemian Rhapsody", and did even better for the Wednesday encore (which made Marty look good, too). It's a shame that the song had to be truncated the way it was, but that was no fault of Suzie's. Marty showed progress with his singing of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". His voice failed him at one point, but he recovered. Mig overdid a few notes when he sang Paul McCartney's "Live And Let Die" -- but that last note was amazing! Go, Mig! Jordis was well within her comfort zone doing John Lennon's "Imagine", which she described as "one of the greatest songs ever written". I do not share her high regard for the Marxist piano ballad, but she made it sound pretty enough.

Another note: bravo to INXS for their Red Cross donation to aid the victims of hurricane Katrina, and for encouraging others to do the same. We can help out at .

Next week: All-Request Tuesday. Big deal. We weren't given much to vote for in that poll.


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