Kasim Sulton "Kasim" (1982)

Kasim Sulton, the bass player for the New Cars, previously played bass in Todd Rundgren's Utopia. He will reportedly sing the lead vocal on the Cars hit ballad "Drive", which was originally sung by the late Benjamin Orr, while Rundgren will handle vocal duties on the rest of the songs.

Besides his time in Utopia, Sulton has a long history as a session bassist. He was briefly a member of Joan Jett's Blackhearts in the late-'80's, during Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You" period. He has also often played with Meat Loaf; in fact, he did session work on Meat's mega-seller Bat Out Of Hell, which Rundgren produced.

Kasim has also recorded two proper solo albums, twenty years apart, in 1982 and 2002. (That's not including 1998's The Basement Tapes, a collection of demos that Sulton recorded over many years). His 1982 solo debut Kasim is out of print.

That album featured enthusiastic power pop similar to that of Utopia, without Rundgren's eccentricities. It's a very good album of its kind, easy to digest and easy to like. Confusingly enough, Sulton is credited with "all lead and backing vocals" and "all instruments", but then co-producer Mark Onofrio is credited with "all drums and percussion" and "backing vocals". And then more musicians are credited, including Blue Oyster Cult's Buck Dharma (who played lead guitar on three tracks). Whatever the recording circumstances may have been, Kasim is a delectably sweet offering, worth searching out for fans of Utopia and for power pop junkies.

Kasim Sulton - Kasim

Kasim Sulton "Kasim" (EMI America ST-17063) 1982

Track Listing:

1. Someone To Love
2. Evil
3. White And Red
4. This Must Be Love
5. Don't Break My Heart
6. Drivin' Me Mad
7. Roll The Dice
8. Just A Little Bit
9. Sweet Little Accident
10. Rock And Roll