New Cars on Leno

Yes, I watched The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last night, to see the New Cars perform at the end. What do I think? Uhh...I don't know. They performed the Cars classic "Good Times Roll". Instrumentally, they sounded fine. But Todd Rundgren's lead vocals? I wasn't feeling it. I won't condemn the man for one performance of one song, but Rundgren is no Ric Ocasek, and no Ben Orr, either.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad Rundgren did not do an overt imitation of Ocasek. I have memories of the reformed Doors performing on Leno's show three years ago, with Ian Astbury doing an obvious and embarrassing imitation of Jim Morrison. Considering that, I do respect Rundgren for performing the Cars song his own way.

But his way of singing the song did not appeal to me. I'm beginning to think I was probably right the first time: the Cars ain't the Cars without Ocasek or Orr. When I heard that Rundgren was taking on the frontman role, I thought maybe I was wrong about that. My verdict is not final, but based on last night, I have my doubts about the whole New Cars thing.