Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson split

You've probably heard by now that actress Kate Hudson is separating from Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson after six years of marriage. The American media is claiming that Kate's relationship with Owen Wilson is the reason for the split, although Wilson's lawyer says that Wilson didn't cause the split. I'll leave the gossip to Us Weekly:


It doesn't seem like six years to me since Hudson and Robinson were married. The year 2000 almost seems like yesterday to me.

Of course, 2000 was the year in which Hudson received an Academy Award nomination for her role as a groupie named Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous. If you haven't yet seem that film, which is based on Crowe's experiences as a 15-year-old reporter for Rolling Stone, I highly recommend renting it. It is one of the best rock and roll movies ever made, although I realize that sounds like faint praise.

If you like the movie as much as I do and wish to purchase the DVD, I recommend searching out the "Director's Edition", also called the "Bootleg Cut" (Dreamworks 88751), which is unfortunately out of print. It contains two DVDs: the theatrical version, which runs 123 minutes, and the director's cut, which runs 162 minutes. It's still a solid movie with all of those extra 39 minutes added. The extra footage also beefs up Hudson's role. The DVDs are loaded with interesting extras, including Crowe's film commentary and seven of his Rolling Stone articles from the '70's. There also is interview footage with the late, legendary rock critic Lester Bangs, who is portrayed in the film by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

And...this set also features a CD with six songs by Stillwater, the fictional rock band from the film. Stillwater was based partially on the Allman Brothers, and the six songs on the CD are reminiscent of them, with bits of Zeppelin and Skynyrd tossed in as well. The first four songs were co-written by Crowe and his wife Nancy Wilson of Heart; Ann Wilson also contributed to "Chance Upon You". The other two were co-written by Peter Frampton, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and Gordon Kennedy.

Stillwater (Dreamworks DRWR-13824-2) track listing:

1. Fever Dog
2. Love Thing
3. Chance Upon You
4. Love Comes And Goes
5. Hour Of Need
6. You Had To Be There