Rock Star: Supernova - Week nine

And the dark horse is out of the race. Ryan Star was eliminated this week from Rock Star: Supernova. This is one of those weeks in which I hated to see someone go. It has been entertaining to watch Ryan improve his performances over the course of the show. When the season began, he made no impression on me at all. And he got off to a bad start in the first reality webisode, when he refused to do the impromptu singing that Supernova asked the contestants to do. Jason Newsted remarked that Ryan needed to work harder to get up to the same level as the other 14 original contestants. As it turned out, he outlasted 9 of those 14, because he did work hard to stand out. His methods during the first three weeks were weak, but once he hit his stride, he became an interesting performer, generally improving from one week to the next. He only fell in the bottom three twice these past nine weeks, but the second time was his last. Of course, he is now free to continue his solo career (he has already released an indie label CD) with benefit of wider fame.

Ryan’s Tuesday night performance of Coldplay’s “Clocks” boasted great showmanship and found him in good voice. But his Wednesday performance of the Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” fell short in both departments, and his stage-hopping interfered with the timing of his singing.

Suffice it to say, that was par for the course this week. The Tuesday night performance show was a knockout, but Wednesday night’s elimination show was underwhelming. Maybe the contestants were hung over.

On Tuesday, Lukas rearranged the Nirvana song “Lithium” to his liking. The performance wasn’t bad, but Dilana’s version from the first week was much better. Also, Lukas didn’t bother to learn all of the words; he sang the first stanza twice. On Wednesday, he was chosen to front Supernova for their original song of the week. The song was okay, and Lukas seemed to fit Supernova like a glove. This may be a sign of things to come.

Magni nailed Live’s “I Alone”, which is hardly surprising at this point. I hope his head really is okay after Dilana’s glass-breaking spasm in the mansion gave him a small flesh wound. I’m glad to see that Magni was nowhere near the bottom three this week, because he has more than earned his right to stick around. He bled for it.

The Evanescence song “Bring Me To Life” was definitely a wild card for Storm, but she handled it well in her own way. Her voice is not the voice we are used to when we hear that song, but it worked. For her first-ever bottom-three performance, she tackled the Beatles’ hard-rock classic “Helter Skelter”, but didn’t quite tackle it as well as I expected her to. Her voice sounded a bit strained in spots (although, knowing Storm, she may have been doing that on purpose). I’m at least glad she’ll still be there next week.

Toby gave his best performance in a long time with Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell”, earning the encore and avoiding the bottom three. He works well with chicks (namely Storm and the dancing groupies). He and Tommy Lee would probably get along a little too well.

Dilana, needing to save face after the drama at the mansion, was amazing doing Tracy Bonham’s “Mother Mother” on Tuesday. Her singing was on-target, and she nailed the visual aspect as well. I almost felt as if I was watching a hair-metal video from the ‘80’s. She knows what band she’s auditioning for. Unfortunately, her Wednesday performance of the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” was a mess. Her voice was strong in spots but weak in other spots, and her timing was way, way off. She’s lucky she has built up a good credit rating with Supernova. And, if she continues to consume alcoholic beverages, I hope she uses only plastic drinking glasses from now on.

The competition is now getting near the home stretch. Next week, the five survivors will write and perform original songs. This is what I’ve waited for.

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