Candy "Whatever Happened To Fun..." (1985)

I've just completed Rarebird's Spotlight Album Review #13. The subject: the 1985 album Whatever Happened To Fun... by Candy, an '80's power pop band from L.A. whose members included guitarist Gilby Clarke (later of Guns N' Roses and Rock Star Supernova) and singer/pianist Kyle Vincent (who is now a solo artist). Fun was the band's only proper album, but an odds-and-sods collection called Teenage Neon Jungle was released in 2003, so I've reviewed that as well. Check it out:


bigbadmrlyle said…
hey bud, i just bought a turntable at a garage sale and listened to this album, i found it years ago at a goodwill, never found anyone else who knew about this band. i havent listened to it in over 20 years.
Unknown said…
Sounds kinda like The Raspberries meets The Replacements; huge pop anthems about disaffected kids. Absolute masterpiece. Thanks for the upload!