Kyle Vincent's self-titled 1997 CD

Did you ever hear a song that you loved on an in-store satellite broadcasting network, and then go crazy trying to find out who the artist was? This happened to me nearly a decade ago, when I worked in a department store. I kept repeatedly hearing a great pop song with the lyrics "I miss Arianne". It was a jangly and bittersweet gem, with evocative lyrics and innocent-sounding vocals. I got so annoyed when customers asked me for assistance while that song played. I wanted to purchase the CD so that I could listen to it in the peaceful privacy of my own home. Only problem was, I had no idea who sang the song. It's usually easy to find out the artist for a particular song through an internet search. I mean, the lyrics to every song can be found on the world wide web, right? I learned that this bit of conventional wisdom is not true. No matter what lyrics from that song were typed into search engines, I got no relevant results. I gave up hope of ever finding the song, and it became an all-but-forgotten memory.

Just recently, I finally found the answer by accident. While I was gathering background info for my review of Candy's 1985 album, I learned that Kyle Vincent, the band's former lead singer, has recorded several solo albums. I saw that his self-titled 1997 CD contained a song called "Arianne". Could it be that song I was looking for several years ago? Candy's album was playing in the background while I pondered this question. Bingo! The voice I was hearing through my stereo speakers was unmistakably the same voice that sang that wonderful song.

Better late than never, I thought. Finally, I could own the CD that contained that song, so I could listen to it in my home without interruption. Just one problem: Kyle Vincent is now out of print. Not to worry: I had no trouble obtaining the CD through my usual resources. Also, the song "Arianne" can be heard on Vincent's MySpace page.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the CD on the whole is quite good. Although none of the other tracks quite have the same magic of "Arianne", there isn't a bad track in the bunch. Whereas "Arianne" would have been a #1 hit in a just world, some of the other songs ("Wake Me Up", "It Wasn't Supposed To Happen", "Austin Eyes") could have made the Top 40 in such a place. Some, though not all, of the songs have a similar guitar jangle; the intro to "Other Side Of The Rain" is reminiscent of the Byrds song "It Won't Be Wrong". But the tracks don't fall into a predictable pattern. Piano ballads such as "One Good Reason" and "Next Time We'll Go Crazy" suggest that Vincent isn't kidding when he says that Barry Manilow is one of his idols. Still, Vincent's sincere vocals make all of the songs work. If you happen to come across Kyle Vincent in a used CD bin, I highly recommend it to power pop enthusiasts.

Kyle Vincent "Kyle Vincent" (Carport/Hollywood HC-62094-2) 1997

Track Listing:

1. Arianne
2. Wake Me Up (When The World's Worth Waking Up For)
3. One Good Reason
4. It Wasn't Supposed To Happen
5. Other Side Of The Rain
6. In The Worst Way
7. Next Time We'll Go Crazy
8. All Your Promises
9. I Used To Love The Girl
10. Austin Eyes
11. Happy Ending
12. Young Again

In case anyone out there is trying to Google the lyrics to "Arianne" (like I used to do), here they are below:

(written by Kyle Vincent & Parthenon Huxley)

And the smallest thing
Can make me think of her
Songs we used to sing

It was just last week
I drove by her old house
And if those walls could speak

I was younger
And can't expect the world to never change
But I wonder
If I saw her now would it be strange

I miss Arianne
I miss Arianne

Our first cigarette
Ruined our first kiss
But I won't forget
She was smiling

Lonely Sundays
Bring me back to walks we used to take
I was hungry
And dreaming 'bout the life that we would make

The biggest church in town
Is where she said that we'd get married
She doesn't know they tore it down

(c) 1997 New England Music/Big Groovy Music/Hear No Evil Music (BMI)


Unknown said…
Same problem here, let me guess what store your talking about Kmart. Thanks for the webpage! I typed a couple of lyrics I heard and it directed me to this page! I used the song id function on my phone but no luck even though it recognizes a lot of other songs. Thanks again.
Unknown said…
Looking for this song for years, too, along with Fallin In Love With You by Lenny Leblanc (finally found it on Youtube). By the way, I also listened to Arianne in several stores, and was similarly annoyed when distracted while listening! If you like this type of song, may I also suggest Wheels of Life by Gino Vanelli - not the live version, though.
Missy B. said…
I used to work at PetSmart and heard this song every day. I searched and finally found it almost 10 years later. Another one that drove me crazy until I finally found it is Like I Love You by Amy Grant. There were others, but I can't think of them. Wish there was a way to look up "Songs that play in stores while you shop" :-)