Eight years!

The passage of time never ceases to amaze me. It has now been eight years since the day I made my website Rarebird's Rock and Roll Rarity Reviews viewable to the public, on May 31, 1999. It doesn't seem like such a long time ago, even though the world is certainly a different place now than it was in 1999. When I first created this site, the world was worried about a Y2K crisis that didn't happen. 9-11 was just a phone number that people called in case of emergencies. And me? I was deliriously in love with a girl who is now married to someone else; she and her husband now have a four-year-old son. So, any way I look at things, the world has definitely changed since I first created my site.

But the site still stands. The day I first unveiled it, it contained six album reviews by four different artists. Now, it contains reviews of over 275 recordings by more than 40 artists. I've basically accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with the site. In fact, the day I began working on it, I had no idea how big it would get. About three years ago, I went through the entire site to complete a format update, and was actually amazed to find how many reviews I had written.

There is a popular saying in the web design business which states that a website is never finished -- it is only abandoned. Rest assured, Rarebird's Rock and Roll Rarity Reviews is not an abandoned website. Updates will be made to the site when I feel they are appropriate. And, of course, more Spotlight Album Reviews will be coming in the future. When updates are made, I will point them out on this blog.

I want to thank everyone who has visited the site, and who has supported it in any way during the last eight years. I am very proud of this site, and I hope it will still be standing for years to come.


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