Starbucks music label debuts with new Paul McCartney CD

If anyone doubted that the Starbucks coffee company was serious about getting further into the CD distribution business, you've got another think coming. The company's new Hear Music label releases its first CD this week, and its first signed artist is none other than Paul McCartney. McCartney's new CD Memory Almost Full is the label's first release, and the CD will be constantly played in the thousands of Starbucks stores worldwide on Tuesday, June 5th. Here is the story:>1=7702

The ex-Beatle has only signed a deal for one album with the label, but he may sign for more if things go well. And the label plans to sign two more artists this year and eight next year. According to the article, Memory Almost Full "will be sold at most Starbucks stores worldwide, in all major music retailers, and on Apple Inc.'s iTunes online music store, making it the first of McCartney's 21 solo albums to be released digitally."

This could be a major new development in the ever-changing world of music retail.