Garbage with Brody Dalle "Girls Talk" - Record Store Day 2014 single

On Record Store Day 2014, Garbage released a 10-inch single, limited to 4,000 copies, pressed in green translucent vinyl. It contains two previously unreleased tracks. The A-side, “Girls Talk”, is a duet between Shirley Manson and former Distillers and Spinnerette frontwoman Brody Dalle. (Manson also appears on Dalle’s new solo debut Diploid Love). The B-side, “Time Will Destroy Everything”, is an outtake from the sessions for Garbage’s 2012 album Not Your Kind Of People. Eric Avery, the original Jane’s Addiction bassist, is credited with playing bass on the single. The single is a worthwhile item that Garbage fans certainly will want to track down.

“Girls Talk” is a potent, profane screech against gossiping women, with Manson’s and Dalle’s vocals becoming increasingly angry as the song goes along. It’s definitely a punk rock song in spirit, although the producers/musicians in the band give it a sophisticated kind of unsettledness. (This “Girls Talk” is not to be confused with the Elvis Costello/Dave Edmunds tune of the same name – not that it's likely to be).

“Time Will Destroy Everything” is a Garbage song of a more complex nature, beginning with smoothly orchestrated strings before turning into a mixture of staccato beats, feedback guitar, and distorted but propulsive electronic sound collages. Manson’s vocals are processed in such a way that she comes across as a sardonic android. It’s an absorbing track, though it might have sounded out of place among the more straightforward songs on Not Your Kind Of People.

Garbage - Girls Talk / Time Will Destroy Everything

Garbage with Brody Dalle “Girls Talk” (b/w “Time Will Destroy Everything”) (Stun Volume single STNVOL-008) 2014

Track Listing:

a. Girls Talk
b. Time Will Destroy Everything