Family Way soundtrack - Paul McCartney and George Martin

An album that didn't quite make it onto my Beatles page was the soundtrack for the 1966 British film The Family Way, which starred Hayley Mills. The original soundtrack album was a 24-minute set of orchestral pieces composed by Paul McCartney, arranged by George Martin and performed by the George Martin Orchestra. Some people (though not I) would argue that this is really the first Beatles solo album, instead of George Harrison's Wonderwall Music. It's not bad for what it is, but it doesn't sound that much different from Side Two of the original Yellow Submarine album. Only a few of the 13 tracks (the seventh and ninth, for example) are likely to be of any interest to rock enthusiasts. In 2003, the Family Way soundtrack was issued on CD in Canada by the XXI label, with two bonus sections: new recordings of the music by Carl Aubut and the Claudel String Quartet (recorded in 1995) and new flute arrangements by Anthony Rozankovic (recorded in 1999). Neither of these bonus features are very interesting.

Update: The Family Way soundtrack was reissued on CD and mp3 by the Varese Sarabande label in 2011. In 2015, the soundtrack was made available on limited edition vinyl for Record Store Day.


Don Vitorio said…
Hi i'm from mexico and i can't find this cd on internet where can i buy it buecause i am a fan of the beatles and of the orchestras and i woul like to hear to this cd