Soundtrack from "Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush" (1968)

An album that didn't quite make the Steve Winwood page was the 1968 soundtrack album for Here We Go 'Round The Mulberry Bush, a British teen-sex comedy based on an early novel by official Beatles biographer Hunter Davies. The soundtrack contained eight songs by the Spencer Davis Group, but they were mostly from the post-Winwood version of that group. It also contained three Traffic songs (the title song, "Utterly Simple", and "Am I What I Was Or Was I What I Am"), all of which are available on the first two Traffic albums. So, although the album is out of print, it really doesn't contain any Winwood-related rarities. The other four of the fifteen tracks include an interesting psychedelic item called "It's Been A Long Time" by Andy Ellison (who was lead singer of John's Children) and three dialogue clips from the film.

Without Winwood, the Spencer Davis Group weren't bad, but they were strictly average. The songs they did for this soundtrack are listenable, but undistinguished and very dated. It is interesting to hear those Traffic songs mixed in with the SDG tracks; Winwood did indeed move on to more sophisticated territory.