Go Too (1977)

Go Too was the second and final studio album from Stomu Yamashta's Go project. I didn't review this album on the Steve Winwood page because Winwood was not involved with it. I don't think it rates its own spotlight review page, either. So I'll just say here that the album is disappointing, but not uninteresting. The main problem with it is that the Go sound became disco-oriented. The album isn't hard on the ears, but it only retains a fraction of the first album's spacey atmosphere. It doesn't have detailed credits like the first album did, but it sounds like there were numerous vocalists this time out, including one female (Linda Lewis). One of the male vocalists was Jess Roden, who was the first lead singer of the Butts Band with Robby Krieger and John Densmore. He is adequate as a singer, and he does well on the song "Mysteries Of Love", but he's no substitute for Winwood, any more than he was for Jim Morrison. It's still good to hear musicians like Al DiMeola, Klaus Schulze and Michael Shrieve work together on this type of project. But this album doesn't hold a candle to Go or Go - Live From Paris.

Go Too (Arista AB 4138):

Track Listing:

1. Prelude
2. Seen You Before
3. Madness
4. Mysteries Of Love
5. Wheels Of Fortune
6. Beauty
7. You And Me
8. Ecliptic


Nicolas Martin said…
It's got some nice Jess Roden vocals, though.