"Rock & Rule" DVD release

The 1983 animated movie Rock & Rule is going to be released on DVD on June 7th. It will be available in both single-disc and double-disc editions. The double-disc set will contain an alternate version of the movie, a 27-minute animated short, a PDF file of the script, and other extras.

Rock & Rule is a Canadian-made movie that did not receive a wide U.S. theatrical release. It's set in a post-apocalyptic world populated by half-human, half-animal mutants. The bumbling trio of good guys resemble Cheap Trick members Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, and Bun E. Carlos (Tom Petersson was not in the band at that time, so he didn't get a likeness), and the songs by this heroic rock band were done by Cheap Trick. The singing voice of the heroine (and love interest to the Zander-like character) belongs to Debbie Harry. The villain is an evil rock star named Mok (singing voice by Lou Reed), who wants to use the Blondie-voiced heroine to summon a monster from another dimension. Other songs were provided by Iggy Pop and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Rock & Rule is not a great movie, but it is fun, especially for fans of Cheap Trick and of hip animated feature films. I, for one, will be happy to replace my old VHS copy with the DVD. I'm just having trouble deciding if I want to spend the extra bucks for the 2-DVD edition instead of the single-disc version. Knowing me, I probably will.