Weezer - Make Believe

While we are on the subject of new CDs, I also picked up the new Weezer disc Make Believe. Judging from the customer reviews at Amazon.com, the fifth album from this post-grunge guitar-pop band seems to divide their fans between those who love it and those who hate it. Personally, I like it a lot; it's more reminiscent of their 1996 Pinkerton album (which in my ever-so-humble opinion is their best) than their last two releases. Not to say it's as good as Pinkerton, because the lyrics are much more simple than on that album. This album also is poppier than their previous releases; "This Is Such A Pity" and "Haunt You Every Day" almost sound like they were recorded in the '80's. Some people would call this selling out, but I see it as expanding their range a bit. Rick Rubin did a good job producing. It has a few missteps: the opening track (and first single) "Beverly Hills" is quasi-rap, and some other tracks veer close to today's whiny emo groups. Some of the lyrics are confessional in a none-too-profound way, but if frontman/songwriter Rivers Cuomo needs to get this stuff out of his system, he may as well do it now.