Cure page updates

I've recently added two reviews to the Cure page: one of the 1993 Sideshow EP, and one of the 2-disc special edition of the 2001 Greatest Hits compilation.

Sideshow was released in the States as a companion piece to the full-length live album Show. The UK version of Show (which was a soundtrack to the VHS concert movie of the same name) was a 2-CD set. But it was only released as a single-disc in America, presumably because another full-length live Cure CD (titled Paris) was released at the same time. So, the four tracks that were excluded from the American version of Show were made available to US fans on the Sideshow EP. Not surprisingly, that item is now out of print.

The 2001 Greatest Hits compilation is still in print in its regular single-disc form, but the limited edition two-disc version is no longer available. That edition's second disc contained live-in-the-studio acoustic versions of all 18 songs from the first disc. It's a shame that it's been discontinued, because without that second disc, Greatest Hits is easily inferior to other Cure compilations.

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