Rock Star: INXS -- so far

Well, the first week (three episodes) of the CBS reality show Rock Star: INXS is behind us. (The last two, from Tuesday and Wednesday night, will be repeated this Saturday night. I don't know if they'll do that every week). I have to say that a colorful cast of characters are in this competition to become the new lead singer of INXS. There are white males, females, and one black male vying for the title, and all of them have talent. Some of them are just not right for INXS, as guitarist Tim Farriss has had to tell two of them before sending them home. The first night, a dancer/yoga instructor named Dana got the boot. She was a character. If the show was called Rock Star: No Doubt and they were searching for a new Gwen Stefani, she could have been a contender. On Wednesday night, a singer named Wil was also sent packing. If the show was called Rock Star: Coldplay and they were searching for a new Chris Martin, Wil could have been the man. But he was too low-key for INXS. Since they've both had exposure on TV, both of them could still have a future in the music biz. If I know the nature of that business, there probably are people in it who are seeking the next Gwen Stefani and the next Chris Martin.

I understand that the band is not exactly looking for a new Michael Hutchence. They are looking for a strong frontperson for the band, and if that person takes INXS in a new direction, so be it. But it will still be the same band instrumentally. Five out of five of the original instrumentalists are still in INXS, so it is important that whatever individual takes the prize fits in well with them. The two most obvious wild cards are out, so the competition between the remaining 13 contestants is going to be tougher.

One thing that works against some of them is the song selection available to them. If they choose the wrong song to sing, it can kill their chances. On the second night, a singer named Tara sang the Eagles/Jackson Browne song "Take It Easy". She sounded fine, but she didn't sound like INXS material when she sang that particular song, which is probably why she was one of the bottom three when the votes came in. Fortunately, she was given the chance to redeem herself by doing a respectable rendition of INXS' "New Sensation". Also, a Chicago coffee house barista named Jessica fell short vocally when she sang Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" on the second night. She did better the first night (I don't remember what her song was), but she is no vocal match for CT's Robin Zander. That song was beyond her range. Jessica has sex appeal, and she looks like she could be Avril Lavigne's older sister, which could work to her advantage. But she needs to choose her song more carefully next time.

A couple of contestants are very iffy. A homeless Canadian musician named J.D. definitely has talent and strong presence, but he may have too much edge for INXS. The first night, Dave Navarro remarked that J.D. looked "possessed". This from a man who played with Jane's Addiction and the Chili Peppers! J.D. has toned down his edge since then, and actually arranged a modern rock version of "California Dreamin'" to good effect, which makes him look good for the long run. But his talents and personality are probably better suited to a different band.

And this Susie person? I don't know. She was brought up for possible elimination two times out of two; not a good record. Also, she was shown on the first episode asking Marty if something was wrong with his voice. Was she just trying to plant a seed of doubt in her competitor's head? The hostess Brooke Burke suggested this, and that makes Susie look bad. Susie has a good voice and is pretty, but she still has more to prove.

The other white males besides J.D. come across as Hutchence wannabes, which I think hurts them more than it helps. Neal's impersonation of Mick Jagger is a bit much for me. I predict that the next lead singer of INXS will either be a woman or a black man (Ty). My personal pick at this point is Deanna, who sang "Piece Of My Heart" the first night and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" the second night. She seems like the one most likely to be able to go the distance.