Words of wisdom posted on Usenet

While reading a thread on the Usenet newsgroup alt.music.inxs about the show Rock Star: INXS, I came across this well-stated post by a user named zaryzary2003. It was in response to someone who claimed that no great albums have been made since 1972:

"I think that most people say that the "great" era of music occurred at some point between the ages of 17 and 25. So if you were born around 1950, then the greatest music was late 60s. If you were born in 1940, then it was late 50s -early 60s early rock and roll stuff. People born in 195-60 will probably say it was either Disco/ Led Zeppelin/ other 70s rock depending on what they were doing. People who were born in 1985 will probably look back and say that today's music is the pinnacle. and people born today will someday back fondly at the greatest hits of the year 2025. It's all subjective, which is probably why people can't agree on it, and also why they argue so vehemently about it. No no no! they say. The music of the year XXXX was truly the best of all time! I know that everybody says that, but the people of my generation who say it are *really* right!"

To which another poster named Mary responded:

"You took the words right out of my mouth. It is almost like the mind slams closed after a certain point, and all the newer music seems inferior. We invest a lot of youthful emotion in the music we listened to as we matured, and music after that never seems quite as vibrant. In other words, it is not the music, it is US."

Good points, though perhaps debatable ones. I thought I'd pass them on.


Music Fan said…
Hello. Nice piece about Words of wisdom posted on Usenet. I have a music blog that I'm trying to get going myself - just looking for a little inspiration! All I seem to have done so far is declare my undying love for Radiohead, the Killers and a rather large article on Live 8. The live8 dvd set is out soon which should be fantastic. It's set to become the biggest selling DVD ever - not surprising really. Anyway, like I said, great blog and I'll be back again soon.